How To Start a Business. Part 2

How To Start a Business. Part 2

The intricacies of how to start a business can be intimidating at first. Although you have a great idea for a business and you are motivated to make it work you may not be sure how to begin.

What You Need…

A large percentage of new businesses fail for one reason or another. Careful planning is needed in order to avoid many of the common pitfalls. To begin, it is important to know that almost all personalities are right for taking on such a task as long as the right information is available.


Determining your own strengths and weaknesses will assist you in knowing what you can and should not do yourself. Be completely honest with yourself as you list your strong points as well as the areas that you have little or no skill in. You will want to capitalize on the things that you do well and outsource or pay someone else to do the things that are difficult for you. Consider your strengths as an asset to the business. Keep that in mind as you develop a business plan. When developing your business plan you should consider any financial or equipment tools or resources as business assets.  If you have employees you will need to determine what their strengths and weaknesses are. Your business plan should include your goals for the business as well as a budgeting plan.

More Details…

Setting your goals is essential to keeping you on track. Staying focused is needed when you are working on how to start a business that will succeed. You may find it helpful to have a professional assist you with your business plan.

Getting unique ideas and insights will help you to develop a plan that will propel your business forward more quickly. You can find some organizations that will provide such services to new businesses at a low cost or even free.

There are some basic things that must be taken care of at the beginning. These include legalities of doing business, coming up with a business name, financing, permits, licenses, location, and other requirements.


As you are learning how to start a business the many associated responsibilities may seem overwhelming at first. But keep in mind the strengths that you already have and use them. Besides the list of your strengths and weaknesses you should develop a list of all the tasks that you will need to take care of in the beginning.

The list may seem long and daunting at first but by taking each item one at a time you will see that it is not so complicated. As you begin working through the list you will also be creating your business plan. The more detailed the business plan is the better. After you determine your goals you will need to consider how you can achieve them. That will be your guide to follow. Update your business plan at least every three months. A good business plan is fluid and ever changing. When determining how to start a business flexibility will be a valuable trait because as times change so will your business.

How to Start a Business

Many people think it is hard to start a business.  Many people think you have to be smart to start a business.  Many people think you have to be very smart or have gone to college to start a business.  Many people think you have to have a lot of money to start a business.  Many people think you have to have some great new product or original idea to start a business.  None of that is true.


You can start a business.  Anyone with a dream can start can start a business.  Anyone with the right attitude, drive and desire can start a business.  It all depends on how you look at things.  It all depends if you look at starting a business as being simple or being hard.  This website can show you the way to starting your first business.  If you are seven or seventy seven I can teach you the basics of how to start a business.

This website is here for those people who have only dreamed of starting a business.  This website is here for those people who have never started any kind of business and are not sure how to begin.  This website is here to help take the fear and mystery out of starting your first business. It makes no difference what kind of business you want to start; this website will teach you where to get all the answers.

You might say you are not smart enough or well educated enough to start your own business.  I personally know a man with a third grade education that has become a millionaire in this great country of ours the United States of America.  I personally know a man who could not speak English four years ago, started a business and today he is making $10,000 a month after all expenses.  He started his business with less than $1,000 cash.  So don’t tell me you are not smart enough or don’t have enough money to start a business; I just won’t accept that for an answer.

Business group portrait - Seven business people working together. A diverse work group.

I personally have ADD (self diagnosed of course) I have not been tested for this by any medical doctor but believe me I have it. My mind jumps around like changing TV channels with the remote control.  I have difficulty reading a book from start to finish.  Like many people with ADD I have many books I have started but not finished.  I have learned to turn ADD around to be an advantage to me but you may have to read my book to find out how.  So your mind could not be any more complicated than mine.  Believe me you are smart enough to start a business.

If you have been on this website any time at all you know I have started over a dozen businesses from scratch, generated millions of dollars in sales and earned a lot of money.  Two of those first companies I started with almost no cash at all.   So I know you are smart enough and have enough money.  You just need to look at things differently that‘s all.  It’s all about attitude and desire.  If I can do it you can do it and I have done it.