Ride a Bull Market in Oil

Oil Most people are familiar with a key raw material for stabilizing the current and new civilizations. We are too high if too much oil in the U.S. economy slows, I know all of the drugs. This  is all kind of close economic activity for each wholesale product,  service, transportation of the oil price spike effect is linked to  inflation or government activity can cause. Thus, any price increases.

Too long ago, I met on the economy of oil from Southeast Asia, he was invested in oil futures. He and I got it, I asked what he thought the question “What is the price of crude oil for the supply of heavy cow?”


Yes, this is a really good chance. If  you are that China’s oil reserves to cover 168 million barrels, 103  million barrels, we are early and mid-2011 saw oil hit $ 100 a barrel,  cf. 726000000  barrel and the U.S., but they try to buy Bittokauntabaransu float, the  United States should be ready for the event of war with Iran, we’ve for  the production of 12 billion yen from Iraq to meet the target goal of  6.8 years barrel hit.

Argentina,  Brazil, the oil off the ground was a bit expensive, of course, the  Internet, he came large numbers of items, it is not to withdraw from the  seabed in the near future, but often when you start the pump looks like you. $  Per barrel of oil shale in Canada and benefit from the price of 100 to  90, will be strengthened if the oil price stays at this price.

Of  course, OPEC is not crazy, even as a strategy to keep working in Iraq,  production will probably only adjust downwards beaten hollow in order to  prevent prices and Stranglehold. Now,  if we attack the oil assets in these locations on the hard disk  products of speculative frenzy, even in Africa meant that al-Qaeda came  to be screwed into a problem of supply and Nigeria.


Do not forget a lot of money waiting to play the oil futures do. The energy shock, and promoting alternative energy sources, such as global warming is a factor in all this. If  oil prices remain high, the preparation of oil shale in North America  to purchase oil from the Middle East to take over the United States. Keep everything under control at the moment, there is balance between supply and demand.

Oil prices, angry Americans the U.S. economy dragging, they trust me, you know how to get their oil. And it’s not necessarily Saki Rei. What do you think? And again, read my articles on various topics of interest, thanks. Consider this.

 Ride a Bull Market in Oil